Planting out the first seedlings

Butternut Squash planted out under a Lemon tree

Despite a damaged knee caused whilst planting roses in hard clay soil (which my wife has assured me is my own fault and self inflicted) I have managed to fight through the pain barrier and do some gardening.

April 7th: Things I have been doing today.

Plant out seedlings. You will remember that a few weeks ago I planted Butternut Squash and Gala Melon seeds. These were harvested from last summers Squash and Melon and is very easy to do. Both plants have shallow roots so I have discovered (purely by a self sowing chance) and are ideal for planting under citrus trees such as orange and lemon. They do not interfere with the roots of the tree, citrus trees are always in sun which suits them and the regular feeding of the Squash and Melon suits the tree.

I have already had the seedlings in coir pots which bio-degrade in the soil. Dig a hole about 6 inches deep, fill with well rotted compost, water the compost profusely and then push the seedling in its coir pot directly into the soil. If they are not in coir pots just place them directly into the compost. Then cover the area around the seedlings with dry compost as this will stop the leaves getting wet and possibly rotting. We will find out what happens over the next few weeks!

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I live in both Spain and the UK and am a very keen gardener. I garden every day and enjoy sharing all the secrets that God allows us to discover in our gardens.

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