I am suffering from terrible wind!

You always think the worst. I am talking about the weather, here in Spain we have exceptionally high winds at the moment and these bring particular problems for us gardeners.

2nd December: Things I have been doing lately

🚑 Rescuing the potting bench. Luckily this time of year there are not too many plants on the potting bench. But those that where there were duly buffeted and bashed around. It is important that you do not put cuttings too close to the edge of the potting bench when high winds are expected. Most new plants can survive falling over, but they cannot survive falling off a potting bench and being left cold all night. The photo below is what I term “potting bench carnage”.

Carnage – sort of.

🏋️‍♂️ Picking up large potted plants. If you have large plants in pots, no matter how heavy they are, a strong wind can push them over. The photo below shows a substantial potted Yucca that was blown over during the night. This should be fine as Yuccas are very sturdy, it should just need picking up. However, be careful to check that the plant hasn’t become loose in the soil. ‘Root rock” as it is known can kill what look like healthy plants, this is when the plants roots become loosened and are no longer fully in touch with the soil. This can be exacerbated by days of high winds, which both desiccate the plants leaves and then deny sustenance from the loose roots. Check all large potted plants are still well planted, also check small trees and roses as they can also suffer.

I almost suffered a hernia picking this up

✂️ Prune your Standards. This could apply to a few Members of Parliament. But in this case we are talking plants. If you have standards like the plant in the photo below, then it is time to severely trim the “lollipop” top. When I went out to inspect the damage today, this plant was rocking and being bent precariously. I will trim it up tomorrow to ensure it doesn’t suffer any damage. Also check any trellised plants as they may have become loose or the trellis may be moving, which in turn will damage the plant.


⛱ Shelter cuttings and seedlings. If you have any cuttings or seedlings going at the moment then make sure you shelter them from high winds. If they fall over they have no real root stock to help them recover. The photo shows some cuttings I have been bringing on; especially the precious Solanum that my wife Cruella and friend Karl have tried to murder on so many occasions. The poor little darlings are sheltering from the storm and those with cruel intentions.

Gimme shelter from the storm

👼 Decorating the Church garden. Lastly some good news. Every year we decorate our Church garden with a Nativity Trail and a Nativity Scene (Belen here in Spain). This year our junior Church which consists of Lolita and Halley, two lovely little girls, enhanced our efforts by producing a scarecrow Angel. The photo below shows our first scarecrow angel, we may have scarecrow shepherds next year!

Peace on earth and goodwill to all scarecrows

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