Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all Spanish Gardeners and chickens

As the gardening year comes to an end I want to wish all followers of blog a peaceful blessed Christmas and a floriferous happy new year. I am sure that all of us are looking forward to having the sun on our skin and our hands in the soil in the new year.

God bless,

James McAllister

23rd December 2022. The Chickens Christmas Party

As an end of year treat I am posting some photos from the chicken’s Christmas party that Cruella (my wife) insisted we hold. I was extremely reluctant, as we are having Turkey on Christmas Day and thought it would be disloyal. Anyway she got her way especially as our idiot son was arriving for Christmas and this would be a double treat.

I spent a day decorating the chicken coop, whilst she prepared a festive buffet for the chickens from her chicken fusion menu. I refused to get involved in wrapping their presents as I thought it was a stupid idea, but she said “wait till you see their little faces on Christmas day.

Anyway, we have all been practising singing carols in chickenese. I pretend that I understand but really I don’t. The idiot son is good at languages and speaks both Spanish and Japanese with a basic understanding of English.

The photos below show the festivities. Don’t worry we will be back to gardening very soon and to be honest I am already not sleeping with excitement about the big January cut back.

The first photo below show me preparing the fresh orange juice which Cruella insisted upon. The next photo shows Cruella with her party food. The following photo shows the idiot son laying out the buffet.

Cruella had planned a full evening of party fun for the chickens starting with a magic show where the idiot son changed costume constantly and made chickens disappear (he just stuffed them up his tee shirt, but we all went along with it).

The evening ended with us all playing charades, which for some reason involved the idiot son being dressed as an elf. The photo below shows him acting out a four word answer, whilst Cruella standing behind him cheats by signalling answers to the chickens. I was loudly booed for suggesting Kentucky Fried Chicken and acting the whole thing out including the frying part.

The evening ended with everyone tired but happy and all the chickens were put to bed by Cruella still dressed in her party frock.

This may look like a headless chicken, but in fact it is “big Bertha” who does not like having her photo taken as she gets embarrassed about her weight.

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I live in both Spain and the UK and am a very keen gardener. I garden every day and enjoy sharing all the secrets that God allows us to discover in our gardens.

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